Music Education

We believe that creative opportunities and music education are an important part of youth development. For the past few years we’ve partnered with the Tinderbox Project to provide instrumental education projects to youth in the North-West. This involves running music workshops, providing students with access to instruments, as well as free music lessons.

Currently, due to Covid restrictions, we’ve launched a digital music instrument programme where we have provided students with keyboards and guitars. The students meet digitally via zoom where the excellent Tinderbox tutors help them learn new techniques and songs.

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Ama-zing Harmonies is a diverse group that seeks to promote tolerance and inclusion in our community. While we continually do this through our music programmes, we have also led culture celebrations and workshops to bring awareness to specific groups in our community.

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Community Building and Health

Many young learners face anxiety and feelings of isolation, especially those coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Through our music projects we have promoted inclusion and cooperation, helping children feel comfortable and valued in their ensembles. To help build on this we have also led a Transition To Confidence Project where we held workshops and discussions where we helped youth in our community be confident in who they are.

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The Choir

Many people in our communities lack support networks and musical outlets as they focus on their work and family lives. To help build connections and joy in our community we meet monthly as a community choir where we enjoy food and song together. All are welcome, contact us to find out how to join!

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