Celebrating Black History Month

Ama-zing Harmonies is proud to recognize and celebrate Black History Month this October!

It is our goal to actively celebrate diversity and support minority inclusion and awareness in the Edinburgh community. Many of our members, as well as individuals in our local community have rich cultural heritages that we can learn from and admire. We are a vibrant multicultural community with strong Nigerian, Ugandan, Ethiopian, Haitian, Canadian and Scottish members without whom Ama-zing Harmonies could not function, and so we gladly show our appreciation to our members and community.

We also recognize that Edinburgh still has a need to actively include, support diversity, and educate one another about black history and culture. There is much to learn, much joy to be had, filled with song, dance and food. There is also much to learn through somber sharing and reflection.

Over the past few years we have sought to promote diversity and inclusion through culture events and celebrations. Particularly we have enjoyed learning about African drumming and Dance through the Akrowa dance group, as well as have learned about Nigerian and Ethiopian food, culture and apparel. If you would like to learn about these endeavours please click here:
We have planned to expand our culture events in celebrating Asian, Eastern European and more heritages, and look forward to further diversifying and learning about wider communities.

Today we are thankful that Scotland promotes diversity and that Edinburgh is a wonderful diverse community, however there are still steps to be taken to promote inclusion and important history to be shared. We at Ama-zing Harmonies wish to be part of this ongoing change, and hope to make North-West Edinburgh even more of a vibrant, sharing community.

We would like to invite you to join us in song in our monthly meetings. Whether you need a safe space, a bit of joy and music, or just a sense of community, Ama-zing Harmonies welcomes all of any background and culture.

We are also proud to announce that Ama-zing Harmonies has been recognized by the Waitrose Community Matters project for being a strong Black-led charity in Edinburgh. They have chosen to help support us for their Black History month initiative and we are very thankful for this recognition!

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