Ama-zing Harmonies September Newsletter!

Pub Quiz; Seeing as we’re missing out on our favourite local pub quizzes, we decided we would host one of our own online through zoom. Come along to our monthly meeting to join in for some fun trivia! See below for how to get involved.

Monthly Meeting Next Week!If you’d like to join in with some singing and learn about our project, use the contact form providing us with your email and a bit about yourself and we will contact you!

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Guitar With Musical Notes

Music Instrument Programme: Digital Edition We’re proud to announce that despite gathering restrictions, we are continuing our music education programme, this time online with the help of Tinderbox Collective! On the 21st of September we started our digital programme, where participants were able to meet their tutors and peers and plan what they would like to learn over the next few months. Our tutors from Tinderbox are already hard at work making these goals happen, and by Christmas we’re hoping to be able to share what we’ve learned, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Events: Our Christmas Community Concert is scheduled for December 18th. Last year we had over 100 attendees, and we had wonderful performances of music, dance, and demonstrations of our cultures.

Waitrose Community Matters: We are happy to announce that Waitrose Morningside has decided to feature Ama-zing Harmonies as part of their Community Matters programme! For October they were hoping to help celebrate Black History Month they highlighting charities led by Black/POC leaders. They would like to recognize our efforts to help bring awareness to minority cultures in Edinburgh’s community and celebrate the diversity in cultures North-West Edinburgh has to offer! If you would like to learn how Community Matters Works, follow this link:

Experiences and Ideas for the future. If you have any past memories with Ama-zing Harmonies that you would like to share, let us know! We are always looking for feedback, so anything you can share will help us improve and grow. Likewise, if you have any ideas for community outreach, events, or funding, email us as we would love to hear your ideas. New

Team Member: Dave Stainton: Dave is a Canadian musician and history nerd who has joined Ama-zing Harmonies this month. He recently did his MMus in Edinburgh, and has returned to Edinburgh hoping to help our community grow. He’ll be your point of contact so if you have any questions or would like to get involved feel free to shoot him an email.

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