Ama-zing Harmonies celebrate first anniversary with Easter event

The Ama-zing Harmonies group celebrated their one year anniversary at West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre on Monday evening. Marking the occasion, founder and organiser Ama Shallangwa told supporters and guests: “I have lived in this community for over 13 years. I must say there is very much I have gained from this community.

Ama continued: “Apart from a long list of good things I have experienced, I have also had three lovely kids, so why should I not give back to a community I know I will forever have memories of? Then I decided to give back in this way.
“Looking at our community, thankfully with us today here we have the Drylaw police department represented, we cannot deny and evidence has shown in this community, there’s crime and antisocial behaviour which individuals, organisations and the police have had to deal with.
“As much as I have gained, I have also made losses. So what can I and we do to continue to gain and reduce, stop or eradicate losses and antisocial behaviour?
“Everyone here today has a potential. I decided to harness and use mine. I sing and write songs, so I’d like to call myself a musician. If these are my gifts, then I must use them.
“I came up with Ama-zing harmonies choir where everyone will come together to sing, dance, unwind, learn from each other, celebrate our diversity as well as what we have in common. This is also an excellent way to combat isolation 
“Archaeological evidence shows that humans have been making music for tens of thousands of years. Singing bonds people together, exercises a range of muscles and makes you feel happy. communal singing is of benefit to people -people sing en masse with no thought of their own ability or any focus on individual performances..
“So here we are today celebrating one year of impacting this community. I would like to thank everyone that that attends this meetings every month, for participating and supporting this cause. A special thank you to our board members, the police for being here today, Heartsonglive Radio and to Dave from NEN.  For all my friends that have come from far and near, welcome and thank you. Together we can make a difference in our community
“Next steps for us is to have a music school this summer where people can come and learn a musical instrument. We will be focusing on the keyboard, drums and guitar. It’s going to be free and if you want more information about that please see me later. Thank you all.”

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